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Nov 20th, 2014

Virtual Recruiter

Virtual Recruiters – a great boon for SMEs

Small and Medium Enterprises are always challenged when it comes to growth & scale. While there are various factors impacting this; right from availability of Debt-capital, to lack of supportive Govt policies to brand visibility, one of the key inhibitors for SMEs is their ability to hire right talent quickly and at a low cost of hiring.

At majority of SMEs, the hiring function is directly managed by the Founders or senior staff and largely resort to reference based hiring. While Reference based hiring is most effective, it cannot be a predictable hiring model, especially if the SME is in the growth stage. Further, establishing an in-house Hiring team is not justified because the in-house hiring team will need supportive infrastructure and tools to ensure they achieve the planned hiring goals. There is indeed an option of using Job Boards (and LinkedIn) and post their requirements at a low cost. But the general experience has been terrible due to huge number of irrelevant job applications that come in and then require humungous efforts to screen and later coordinate to get the right candidate hired.

Many successful SMEs globally have outsourced their hiring efforts to third parties in the HR Services space. However not many SMEs are at a stage where they need HR related services and seek only Hiring related services.

While there are millions of Placement Agencies or Hiring Consultancies, the fees payable to such agencies on success are quite high and equivalent of one month’s salary equivalent. Such fees can become expensive as the CTC levels of the person being hired are in the higher range.

One solution that seems to be emerging is of ‘Virtual Recruiters’. A Virtual Recruiter is someone who can take all the hiring load off the SME. Not only will the Virtual Recruiter possess the right skills and experience to hire but will come with sophisticated hiring infrastructure (multiple job board subscriptions, technology for screening & matching etc) and support ecosystem (for selling the opportunity to select candidates, coordinate their interviews and reference checks etc).

Eazyhire provides a unique ‘Virtual Recruiter’ solution that leverages experienced crowd-sourced recruiters with access to state of the art Shared Services Infrastructure. Further, Eazyhire has implemented easy-to-use internet based interaction system for SMEs that ensures they have full control on the progress being made on their hiring missions including properly documenting their feedbacks at each stage. The Virtual’s Recruiter’s job is to ensure that the requirements are well understood and are communicated to various teams within the shared services group to achieve higher turn-around speed, high relevancy of candidates to the requirement and at an highly affordable monthly charge (with no additional fees on hiring).

With Virtual Recruiter type solutions, SMEs globally can now focus their energies and efforts in strategic business initiatives and let hiring experts do their hiring at On-demand, Pay-per-Use basis.


Chetan Indap

Eazyhire CEO

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