Timesjobs says that candidate behavior has evolved. Are you prepared for it?

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Mar 31st, 2015


As an employee of a company that is part of the employment and hiring fraternity, I indulge in a little bit of industry related reading too. As much as it is not particularly to my taste (I don’t hire, you see), I try and put in that tad bit extra effort in keeping myself updated. It is important to be generally aware, and moreover being part of the internet era, I cannot afford to be caught unawares.

So while I was in the upright mode, wanting to do all it takes, I chanced upon this question that Timesjobs had posed. They asked, “Are you engaging with new age professionals with evolved candidate behavior?”

Honestly, I belong to this age of employees. So I found it funny that Timesjobs, a big player in the industry would actually ask this. And so, with a confident grin on my face, I introduced this as a humorous point in the morning family-catch-up-session, the only time we get to be together before each one embarks on his individual journey of different sorts of work and chores. But to my surprise, neither of my parents found it funny.

What they then told me, made me realize that for a very long time employers did not have to worry about candidates applying for jobs in their organizations. Everyone was seeking employment of some sort, and was desperate enough to settle for the first thing that came their way.

My dad, an entrepreneur by profession, said that with the dawn of the internet age everything about job search and employment changed. Employers globally experienced a sudden and massive sea change in the attitude of the job seekers. The internet gave candidates access to information, ideas, bold approaches and so much more, which were previously kept away from the employees.

Today, they follow the E -> R -> A -> A rule. The candidate first Explores the wide variety of career choices and the information to arrive at them, which nudge them to take a risk if it is something they like to do. He/she Researches the ideal company, sector, and skills required, and self-shapes accordingly. The candidate then Assesses oneself and his/her aspirations to evaluate whether he/she is right for the role and vice-versa. The final step is where he/she Applies. The application is a careful move, one that is completely based on conviction.

The job seeking generation in no longer timid, naïve, or frightened of taking risks for the sake of their passion. And if that is the case, how prepared are you, as an employer, to address this? When a candidate scrutinizes you like never before, do you think you think you stand a chance to win his/her heart? If not, it is time for you to adapt, especially if you are a start-up.

Remember, evolved candidate behavior demands evolved employer behavior too. Be prepared to take on Gen Y employees, or you will be at the losing end.

Until I share something juicy with you tomorrow, take care!

Eazyhire Team

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