Screwdriver, Martini, OR Long Island Iced Tea

By Eazyhire Team
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Jun 4th, 2015

Summer refreshing cocktails

Hello and good day all you lovely readers and friends. Today I have just the motivation you need to uplift your heated and beaten spirits. I’m sure the photograph up there has inspired you enough already. So taking off on that note, let us indulge in a little conversation.

What is your favourite drink? Allow me to be specific? Are you a cocktail lover? What then, is your favourite cocktail? Would you indulge in one of these in the photograph to beat the heat? Or would you take to one of the three I mentioned? I would. I would want that awesome drink any day, any time. Or rather, every day, every time. The sun can kill, and this is my great summer escapade.

But then, have you ever thought about why you prefer a cocktail, or a mocktail, or even a simple, chilled aerated drink on the year’s many hot days? Well, maybe because these drinks are refreshing, they help you forget your sunny (not very positive here) problems, and let you relax. Isn’t that so?

That brings me to something else. Now imagine if you, as a start-up, could focus on your business without having to think about building your team. Think about that ideal, awesome hiring partner you could have, who is super cool, can help you forget your hiring woes, and let you relax with no worry whatsoever. Now that would be a blessing, wouldn’t it? Just like the chilled cocktail is on a hot day?

So, did you meet that blessing yet? Did you meet Eazyhire yet? Eazyhire is India’s no.1 Start-up Hiring Specialist. The company specializes in Technology, Marketing, Mobile Apps, Data Science, Sales & BD and UX/UI skills, and focus mainly on the eCommerce, Healthcare, Travel & Food, Education, and Lifestyle sectors. Eazyhire has helped over 500 customers across 9 countries grow, by helping them to hire the right talent. Amazon, Freecharge, Redbus, Mobikwik, Zivame, Simpli5d, Zoomcarhas tried the unique Pre-Paid, Fixed-Fee model and loved it. I am sure you will love it too.

Eazyhire Team

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