Placement Agencies end-up Costing you significantly more than 8.33%!

By Eazyhire Team
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Aug 5th, 2014
placement consultant

placement consultant

Placement Consultants indeed do a good job and their costs have been justified for many organizations. But smarter organizations no longer finding such costs justified. However, the need to have third parties helping hiring; will not entirely go away for a long time, thanks to the inefficiencies of the pure Online Job Boards.
The reason the placement agencies to charge 8.33% is because the amount of person-hour efforts they have to put in and thus their costs. And the reason this cost is so high is because there is no surety of business; in-spite of putting huge efforts. So they have to cost-average their efforts across various hiring missions they are working on and charge no less than 8.33% of the CTC.
However from a Customer’s (your) perspective, CV Screening, CV Duplication, Back-n-forth Emailing, Coordination, Productivity loss, and Fees add up to way beyond 8.33%. This cost-impact is directly & indirectly transferred to your cost-line! All you were hoping to achieve was a right talent hire, in the shortest possible time and within reasonable service charge.
eazyhire model is based on basic philosophy & framework that a hire should happen within the most optimum justifiable fixed costs! Here are some of the key attributes of the model that is helping number of companies achieve the above goal:

We take committed Missions: This way there is minimum productivity loss, very organized hiring resulting in right talent hiring and thus very less cost of handling the Mission. We follow a strict process: We deliver min 2 highly qualified CVs at a time for your review and we await your feedback before we deliver our next batch. This results into a stress-free focused hiring and thus a very high ROI.

Call me to understand how our unique hiring model will help you save significantly on your hiring costs!

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