Eazyhire Goes Global with 6 Countries! Australia, UK, USA, Singapore, Dubai and India

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Nov 27th, 2014


With the growth in technology implementations of Mobile applications, Algorithm based Programming, Big Data structuring and of course great looking & functioning Websites, the need for programming talent has grown significantly worldwide.

India, the yesteryear of coding hub, which primarily increased its IT exports by maintaining Mainframe based legacy systems, has now transformed into a tech product programming hub. The new breed of Indian programmers comes with deep expertise in Open Source programming coupled with strong knowledge of Math and Statistics. There is significant growth of app programmers on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile platforms.

Parallely, there is a strong community of creative people growing in India, who come with formal education in fine/applied arts, architecture and graphic designing, have gained expertise on User Experience Designing, Information Designing and User Interface development using HTML5 and CSS3. These folks are doing some amazing websites for companies globally.

Eazyhire, a unique platform of Virtual Recruiters is helping several international companies hire programmers in India and to deliver their work based out of India. Mind you these are not freelancers, but on yearly full-time retainer contracts.

Eazyhire serves companies from Australia, Singapore, UK, USA and UAE.

Contact us to see how we can help you get started immediately with your programming rock-star in India; without any hassles of Work Permits or Workers Benefits yet at an extremely attractive price points!

Eazyhire Team

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