4 thoughts to rise above Facebook and LinkedIn!

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Dec 1st, 2015

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A few years ago, all I knew was using Facebook and LinkedIn for promoting my startup. It was enough (well, almost), or more importantly, it was all I was comfortable with. However, during recent talks with the media-savvy young guns in my company, I realized how laidback my advertising plans were. I was still stuck in the dark ages (as they so bluntly put).

Well, I went on a learning spree, seriously, I attacked Google with a vengeance and read, read and read. Now, months later, I can comfortably admit, I was indeed in a well. I have discovered a whole new world of digital media marketing than Facebook and LinkedIn. Sharing some insights with you [for more, you will need to approach Sir Google as well ;) ].

  • Social Media: Whatever said and done, social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and others still rock the show. They help you to target your customers basis their online choices and preferences and connect with them reaching out to a larger audience through word of mouth marketing.
  • Mobile Media: With the power of smartphones, mobile platform marketing is an effective way to connect to your customers. Through messaging services, in-application advertisements and mobile games, you can drive customers to your stores (online or brick and mortar).
  • Re-targeting: If a customer has bought a pair of Nike shoes, he will be more or less likely to be replacing it within a year or two. Keeping in mind these requirements, offer the right product at the right time. Retargeting advertisements help customers think about your product when the time comes.
  • Hyper-targeting: It’s a great way to offer customers products that might be of interest to them. Using the same example from above, if a customer has bought a pair of Nike shoes, it’s more likely, if prompted, he will buy a pair of socks as well. Hence, changing the look and feel of the website or the aisles in your store so that customers come across other possible products of interest to them and are prompted to buy.

Eazyhire Team

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