3 Lessons you can learn from Zomato

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Feb 2nd, 2016

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Reading the Monday morning Economic Times, a piece of headline caught my attention ‘Zomato may break even by June’! I stopped by to read the article. Indeed, Zomato, online restaurant search, rating and food ordering company, that had been in the news for all the wrong things in 2015, is aiming for operational profit this year. Wow!

It was not easy for these guys, Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah (founders of Zomato.com); they have seen some massive setbacks since they started their operations in 2008. They have committed mistakes, after all, all entrepreneurs do that, and learnt from them. This is what you can learn from Zomato’s story:

Cut your losses: The company realized the information they were collecting from walk-ins at high-end restaurants could be collected online as well. That was when it decided to shut down regional centers and lay off 300 employees. They were not adding any value.

Concentrate on sustainable business: Luring customers with discounts might work in the beginning, but is not a sustainable way of doing business. Zomato foresees its competitors who started this way, folding up in the near future.

Face the music: Mollycoddling employees is not a sign of good entrepreneurship. Deepinder Goyal’s letter to the sales team asking them to shape up or ship out raised quite a few eyebrows, but when financial targets are not met and when the investors are watching your every step, the founder along with the team need to buckle up.

Let’s wait and watch whether it will be just another food app company or will transform itself as the ‘Zomato of the food world’!

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