Why it might not be right for you to go app only?

By Eazyhire Team
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Feb 4th, 2016


Many women, I know, in my family and workplace, enjoy shopping on Myntra. Even though, Myntra is now only accessible through a mobile app, it didn’t prove a major deterrent to its fans and other shopaholics.

Seeing the success of Myntra, many e-commerce startups have either shifted or are contemplating to shift to app-only mode. The idea is to make the store available and accessible only through the app. However, not many understand that while it may have worked well for Myntra, it cannot be said the same for other companies.

Here are some reasons why going app only might actually be disadvantageous for your young e-commerce company:

  • Many users are not comfortable operating on the small screen vis-à-vis the big screens of laptops/desktops. You might lose out on a big chunk of your existing customer population if you switch to app-only.
  • Users do not prefer to download apps from unknown startups as they do not have more offerings like bigger retailers.
  • It is difficult to build a great app because it is not something done once and left. A great app needs constant improvements and this eats heavily into resources.
  • Apps can only be accessed through mobile devices, which bring their own set of problems. Connectivity and knowledge of using these mobile devices are other major hurdles contributing to the difficulty.
  • Using app-only approach might alienate some of the older consumers as they are wary of using technology and distrust wireless transfers.

Having said that, an app-only approach can work in the right conditions with proper assessment of the target group and product.

Eazyhire Team

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