Testimonial: “Malini is very responsive and proactive”, said one Customer

By Eazyhire Team
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Mar 4th, 2015

A pat on the back for one’s tremendous hard work, spells the satisfaction of being appreciated, and must become a regular norm in the corporate world. Until some time ago, the corporate sector was called ruthless for its lack of appreciation, but it is changing with the world sizing down to have become closely knit.

It is with great pride that we boast of one of our esteemed customer’s feedback regarding our hard working team and particularly one member.


Now that’s what we call a pat, and here’s where we take a bow!

Do you know why this employer had an unusually different and good experience with us? To comprehend this, you must understand about the employer-agency relationship. A company opts for external HR services, so as to ease his in-house hiring burdens. But more often than not, an HR from an agency is not always reliable and consistent because he/she may not really commit to a mandate. Since most services out there are postpaid and the fee is based on the success rate, many of them take a long time and present random CVs without putting in that extra effort.

Hiring is a subjective activity.The HR may find what he thinks is a great match, but it may not excite the employer in the same manner. And that is where Malini stood out from the crowd. Complying with our Pre-Paid, Fixed-Fee model, she went out of her way to offer the best kind of services.She was extremely pro-active, and made sure that the employer expectations and her understanding of it grew after the few initial CV submissions.

The customer, having understood how she valued finding him the right candidate, appreciated the constant follow-up she carried out, because she cares about getting the company a great employee so that the company could achieve its stated goals. Now that’s a classic case of persistent effort.

As a seasoned player, I have a piece of advice for you. Do not go looking for the best HR services in your vicinity. Look for a great player who can provide you the best service from anywhere at all.

Have a good day!

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