Raising the Bar the Flipkart Way

By Eazyhire Team
In Startup Talent
Jul 24th, 2015

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Flipkart has been an inspirational success story so far. Be it a top – notch customer service, an efficient supply chain or an extensive product portfolio, Flipkart has always managed to grab the eyeballs. However, these days, Flipkart seems to be focusing on its human asset.

Hardly had the applause on Flipkart’s recent announcement on maternity policy died out, when it came up with yet another amazing policy. It promised an allowance of Rs. 50000 to any of its employees who adopt a child.

After being in the industry for years, Flipkart has understood the nuances of the job market well. It knows what ticks and what doesn’t with its internal customers (employees). Such employee-friendly measures are still rare in the industry, no wonder, they have created a furore in the job market. And talented and skilled workforce are already vying to work for Flipkart.

Being now the huge e-commerce giant it is, Flipkart is more than equipped with competent hiring managers and a well-defined hiring policy.However, for start ups and young organizations, it’s a little difficult to bring the same level of hiring competence and experience to the table. That’s where Eazyhire comes into the picture. Leave all your hiring woes to us, we will take care of your requirement, no matter how small or big it is.

Eazyhire Team

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