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Nov 10th, 2015

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A few years ago, I was a big fan of Before buying any product, I would religiously pay a visit to Mouthshut – one of the first review sites in India, for the product or service review. It continued for a long time till one day I realized, I was making my decisions based on fake and paid reviews. Well, it wasn’t long before it came to light, that Mouthshut wasn’t the only one, India’s online businesses are grappling with and fighting this issue of fake reviews.

Well, in the recent times, the issue has resurfaced. And now, it’s not only an Indian problem, but a global one. has filed a suit against more than 1000 people who have posted fake reviews on its website.

These John Does get paid to write glowing reviews of the products from the sellers. After all, who wouldn’t write a review and assign 5 stars against a product for some easy money? But, it’s a rude shock for the customers who blindly follow these reviews to find out the products to be less than satisfactory. The result – it has put the credibility of these e-commerce sites at stake.

Now, as a startup, if you come across any negative review of your business that you think is fake, what should you do?

Contact the administrators of the review site. If you can provide sufficient details, most sites (TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc.) today are driven to weed out the fake reviews.

Eazyhire Team

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