Is Your Hiring Technique Correct?

By Eazyhire Team
In Tips for YOU
Aug 30th, 2013




Ability to Hire right talent, in the shortest possible time and within minimal hiring spend may have to do with your Hiring Techniques rather than Hiring Expertise!

In today’s world hiring technique has become more important because of the multiple channels that have come into play due to the digital world. If not carefully harnessed, you will encounter huge chaos, confusion and frustration; eventually leading you into missed goals and unappreciated efforts.

Four key things that you should be aware of:

  1. Pure Online Jobs are losing sheen: They have grown so much that the good candidates are shying away from listing there and are instead choosing to apply to specific posts rather than wait to come up in search (probability has become very low).
  2. Taking external help may still be good: However, the hiring budgets have become tighter. This causes you to try and hire through your own efforts. Of-course you are a recruiter and why shouldn’t you be able to do the job that a placement agency does. Answer, is probably; because you have many other tasks that the placement agency does not do. They don’t do MIS, Metrics, Planning, Attend meetings etc etc.
  3. More CVs you evaluate, more difficult it will be to hire: Too many choices cause unnecessary screening & coordination efforts, most of the time. Even the Interview panel keeps waiting for the best fit (to the JD they defined) rather than hiring someone who can get started and quickly learn. Basic rule is that even if you find the best JD-fit candidate, he/she will still take time to be productive.
  4. Cost-per Hire is important than unit spend: Many companies blindly subscribe to Job-boards without factoring utilization. Cost of searching, screening, calling, coordination etc add-up significantly. You rather outsource this fixed-cost and see the ROI improving. Unfortunately Accounts people look at unit costs and can give you push-backs, but a Finance person (not accountant) can tell you if you are improving ROI by outsourcing hiring.

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