Top Behaviour Based Interview Questions

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Sep 17th, 2014




Talent acquisition teams are faced with complex recruitment challenges every day. The most relevant among such challenges is the art of cherry picking the right talent. This is in addition to other challenges like keeping costs low and reducing hiring pain and time. In today’s age of high competition, these challenges can be effectively managed by asking the right questions at the interview and perfecting your recruitment process.

One such strategy for recruiting is asking behaviour based questions at the interview. This not only helps in picking the right candidate, it can also help in cutting down unnecessary time spent with unsuitable candidates. Here are some top behaviour based interview questions you can ask:

  1. Give an example of you doing a task without being asked to do it specifically
  2. Tell us about when your superior found out that there was a lapse in your work. How did you deal with it?
  3. Cite an instance of you working under pressure to finish a task.
  4. Can you tell me about a project you worked along with another employee and if you finished it on time?
  5. Give us an example when there was conflict in your team and how you handled it?
  6. When your team member was an underperformer, what action did you take?
  7. How did you deal with a team member who performed better than you?
  8. In your past team assignments, what was the role you took and how did you carry it out?
  9. How did you make repetitive work interesting?
  10. When did you have to handle more than one task at work, and how did you manage it?
  11. Were you ever asked to move to another task before you finished the first? If yes, what did you think about it?
  12. What do you give top priority in your work?
  13. What is your typical working day like?
  14. How do you prepare for the following week on a Monday morning?
  15. Give an example of how your communication skills helped you earn recognition at work.
  16. How did you communicate a bad piece of news with your subordinates?
  17. When your superior did something against the interests of your company, how did you communicate this to him and make him understand?
  18. How did you deal with a change in policies in the company?
  19. All of us make mistakes. Let us know of an occasion when you committed a mistake at work and how you dealt with it.
  20. Give an example of how you continued a project even after there were setbacks in it?
  21. How did you keep up your will to carry on a negotiation with a client even when he is not interested?
  22. Give us an example of you handling a challenge at work.
  23. How do you set your goals and achieve them?
  24. Cite an incident when you needed more information to complete a task, and how you went about completing it?
  25. When your work was interrupted by an unexpected incident, how did you face it and complete the work.

The above questions are some of the several behavioural questions asked by talent acquisition teams. This should be included as a part of innovative recruitment strategy to improve the chances of a better recruit.

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