Have You Fixed the Loophole in Your Start up?

By Eazyhire Team
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Jul 20th, 2015

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This is an interesting incident that happened during my early corporate days. My department’s team often had our lunch together. One of the team members had been following a weight loss diet. She would bring soups or salads for her lunch. However, immediately after lunch or over the day, she would take a bite of a chocolate bar, French fries or a sweet. She had a simple justification for cheating on her diet, “Oh, it’s only a bite. After eating salad, I surely deserve this.”

Do you think she was able to lose her weight? No. She didn’t. Her lack of self-control was her loophole. The moral of the story is that admit your faults and work on improving them, rather than justifying them with ingenous excuses.

Most of us have one or more loopholes in our personality. The most common loopholes are postponing things to tomorrow, blaming others (or/and circumstances) for our lack of inaction, putting off things due to conflict (not real), etc.

Can you relate these loopholes to your startup? Procrastinating key decisions, attributing failure to a team member or not addressing customer grievances in time?

Loopholes come in the way of your success. It’s about time you find the loophole in your organization and fix it as fast as you can.

Eazyhire Team

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