Cricket and entrepreneurship – They are quite similar!

By Eazyhire Team
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Feb 18th, 2016


If you are a cricket fan, you would have watched the T20 International final of India vs Australia, and would have enjoyed every moment of it. I mean, what a match it was! Captivating and thrilling till the last ball! And once India won the match, and also the series, the media exploded with all kinds of praises for the Indian cricket team.

Yes, the boys played well. But aren’t they the same boys who were at the receiving end of criticism since they lost abominably in the World Cup 2015. Just goes to show, how fickle is media and the fans. One moment they will make you Gods, and the next treat you as dirt.

Somehow, I can draw a parallel between cricket and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs work – hard and are true to their passion of building a unique or useful product for the society. Customers, if they like the product or services, are all praises, and the moment they are unhappy about the company or the product, they start criticizing it, without once taking into account the previous impeccable record. But, the flipflop attitude of customers shouldn’t affect a true entrepreneur. They should stay true to their passion and make efforts to improve their offerings to make their customers happy. The brickbats and accolades are all part of the game, so better to take them in their stride!

Eazyhire Team

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