An Athlete Doesn’t Give Up, So Shouldn’t You!

By Eazyhire Team
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Jan 27th, 2016

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As a struggling entrepreneur, I was a big fan of this video of Avicii’s “Broken Arrow”. If you have seen it, you will know that it begins with a plain “Inspired by a true story”. The video chronicles the struggles of Olympian Dick Fosbury, as he battles hurdles harder to clear than the final Olympic jump. He becomes dependent on alcohol, disregards his daughter and fails on the field. Eventually it’s his daughter who gives him the idea for a different jumping style, which leads him to win the gold at the 1968 Olympics.

The video has all the trappings of a fairy tale, the quintessential underdog story. It teaches you not to give in to addictions or destructive habits, to keep strong. Gather your crew, your family, friends, and partners closer to you in tumultuous times. Much like the fairy tale hero, if finding the right direction is your problem, look for someone who can guide you, someone with more experience, a mentor. Concentrate on the positive. Show the world that you can make a comeback and save the princess.

It was a great source for inspiration and motivation in my not-so-successful days. There’re lessons to be learnt here, both by startups and established conglomerates. Running a business is quite a feat. There may be ups and downs in the market, there may be unexpected hurdles. You may feel absolutely hopeless, but this is exactly the time to pull up your socks and get to work.

Eazyhire Team

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