Advertising your job openings? Give it a personal touch, not just a Google touch!

By Eazyhire Team
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Mar 23rd, 2015

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Did you have a great weekend? I did. It was a lazy, sleep-in weekend, with two full days of rest and panipuri eating. But this morning, I woke up to my to-do list blaring out loud about the JDs I was to write for a few vacant positions for my company, along with the many emails and blogs I needed to pen. And that’s when the bulb in my head went off. I wondered if there was any reason at all I shouldn’t share these thoughts with you as well. After all, every one of you is either writing JDs or hiring, or doing both. So, here’s something for you to start the week with a bang.

Let me start with a few questions first though. Are you on a hiring spree? Got too many vacancies to fill? Fine. But, how are you going about writing the JDs for all the vacant positions?Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V huh? How about going a little original instead this time? Here are a few tricks that usually work:

  • Understand your company’s and that particular role’s requirement well. Eg: While hiring a content writer, you need to know what kind of content the writer is capable of creating and expected to create. Is it content for websites? Or for brochures? Or maybe for blogs? Or, do you need someone for your social media needs exclusively, etc.
  • Pen your requirement down in great detail. Let the candidates applying know what exactly you expect of him/her. Writing your JD in detail helps the right candidate come seeking for the job.
  • Take draft samples from Google or other sources if necessary, but not all of it. Making your JD personal to your company, increases your company’s and the job opening’s credibility.

Now, everything I mentioned are probably things you are already aware of, but as a well-wisher and acquaintance, it is my responsibility to share with you anything I think can do you some good. As part of a Start-up and a hiring agency that works exclusively with Start-ups, it is my responsibility to keep an eye in the hiring industry and scoop out dos and don’ts for all its players.

That’s all for now. You take care until I see you tomorrow. By the way, here’s the 1-line summary of what I shared with you today, in case you want to put it on a sticky note on your wall:

Write a great JD yourself, don’t just Google it!


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