5 Truths Only A Start up Entrepreneur Would Know!

By Eazyhire Team
In Startup Talent
Jul 22nd, 2015

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Rest assured, I haven’t turned into a philosopher, but yes, being a start up entrepreneur, I have gained some wisdom over the years. For all those people who think start ups are the best thing that has happened to corporate employees since electronic salary transfers, let me bust some myths and reveal some hard truths that only a start up entrepreneur would know.

  1. There’s a queue of VCs ready to invest: If you envisage a horde of investors falling over themselves to write you a check; stop your imagination right there. An entrepreneur needs to meet scores of investors and listen to various sugarcoated excuses before he gets his first ever funding.
  1. Entrepreneurs draw a hefty salary: My one advice to you – please, stop reading about Rahul Yadav, the ex-CEO of Housing.com and his posh duplex apartment in the upmarket Powai. Not every startup gets a huge funding and not every CEO draws a hefty salary.
  1. CEOs have a glamorous office: If you thought a CEO’s office was all fancy with a snooker table and a Play Station, curtail the train of your thoughts. In my experience, a CEO’s office would be a small, functional space probably filled with preloved furniture. Well, at least during the struggling days!
  1. Entrepreneurs get tremendous support: Entrepreneurs are some of the loneliest people. Sometimes, even their family members fail to support and encourage them when they realize there wouldn’t be a steady income coming in every month.
  1. Startups see huge valuation: Movies like ‘The Social Network’ make it all look so easy. In reality, nada (meaning ‘nothing’). So focus on growth, not valuation.

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