4 Hiring Challenges That Startups Should Overcome

By Eazyhire Team
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Jan 28th, 2016

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As a part of the widely growing community of startups, I have seen many startups taking off with much fanfare only to see a high percentage of them seeing their exciting journey being cut short in a few years, or sometimes even in months. The problem that usually takes them down is – Talent Management – either not hiring the right team or not being able to retain the right one.

Founders often don’t hire employees at all (even though they are needed) or hire too many too soon.

Here are the 4 important hiring challenges that startups must overcome to sustain and to soar high:

  • Pick the right team – Founders often have little to no experience in building a competent team of employees. The key is to pick a combination of talent, experience and innovation. Team leaders are just as important as programmers or rebel innovators.
  • Network – That’s the byword today. Don’t be bound by traditional channels of hiring. Look among family, friends, old classmates and past colleagues. Spread the word on social media. Be open to referrals as much as to unsolicited walk-ins.
  • Manage your weakness – Bolster up weak areas. Bring some stability to your development team by hiring somebody with experience, or throw the caution to wind by hiring some young blood for their bizarre ideas and joie de vivre.

Lack of expertise – In a startup, the founders’ plates are overflowing with a bevy of tasks. Furthermore, it is not necessary that they are an expert at everything. A founder may be good at many tasks, but not necessarily hiring, which may lead to bad hires. Building a capable and efficient HR department is out of the question. However, hiring a professional recruitment agency is not. You must know by now that Eazyhire can help you by providing you the right employees with the right skills and attitude for your super team!

Eazyhire Team

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