3 scenarios when start-ups SHOULD NOT HIRE, says VentureBeat

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Mar 30th, 2015

to recruit the right or the wrong man

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Hello one and all. If you had a great weekend, either watch the Australians walk away with the World Cup (yet again!!!), or did that creative something you have been procrastinating about (for a year or two now), or went to Church like a good Catholic (Palm Sunday after all), or finally spent time with your family (about time, I say), or rested and watched TV like it is nobody’s business (being couch potato for the nth time), I’m glad for you. That is a great way to end a long week, and a great way to start a much longer one. Cheers!

O, by the way, switching to the whole let’s-convert-my-illegible-scribbles-into-a-readable-blog mode, there is something I read, mulled over, and decided to share with you. I work with a company that makes startup hiring easy (or should I say “eazy”? **wink wink**.) And so, when I read this VentureBeat article that clarifies and simplifies start-up hiring for YOU, I thought of you.

I found it very interesting, because it is an unusual take on hiring, and especially for startups. It is about 3 situations when you SHOULD NOT employ the candidate you are so tempted by his/her perfection. Sounds ridiculous, right? Definitely did so to me. But as I read more, I knew it made sense. Those perfect candidates are great, but you do not need them to be part of your team, at least not just yet.

As the CEO and/or Founder of a start-up, it is your responsibility is to build a winning team. And the one question you’ll excessively get coming your way is, “How big is your team now?” This constant bullying-of-sorts might make you want to grow your team instantly, so that the nagging stops. But don’t let your rage get the better of you. I understand hiring is crucial, but do it the right way. Swim against the current of temptation, and keep your hiring as essential and minimal as can be. Here are some of the things VentureBeat says, and I agree. Keep the following kinds of candidates at bay, and do not let their perfection want to make you take the killing plunge:

  1. The Ivy League Candidate

You might want this “MIT computer science grad with an MBA from Stanford or an IIT with PhD”, but the question is, is he /she “ready to join a pre-scaling start-up now, and most of all, is adding this engineer the most crucial thing for the company right now?” If not, AVOID TROPHY HIRING.

  1. The referred candidate

Right now, if you have the budget for only one hire, do not take on board two or three candidates. Opt for reference hiring only when necessary.

  1. The I-have-new-funding-and-hence-the-hiring candidate

You may have just raised a new round of investment. Congratulations! But that does not mean you NEED to hire someone to squander your money away. Hire only when the time, budget and person is right. Remember, he/she is after all Cost-To-Company.

It is amusing how things can be deceptive. Ideally, candidates belonging to these categories are perfect and a rare catch too. But in the case of startups, they are a massive cost the company needs to keep distance from. So be smart, prudent and sensible in your hiring. But yeah, keep these perfectos in your mind and line of sight. When your company’s grown to be big one, hire them, and make your organization a humongous one.

That’s all for now. Until I see you tomorrow, take care!

Eazyhire Team

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